Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Get A Graduate Degree In Ministry


  1. Make A Major Difference – People are in crisis. With Covid19, economic, social, and political unrest, it’s not surprising that despair and suicides have been trending up. What the world desperately needs now is hope. Who is more qualified to spread hope, uplift and serve those in need then a well-equipped & trained minister? Whether your calling is in missions, youth ministry, pastoral care or some other vital service – the demand for guidance, wisdom, and expert christian leadership is at an all time high.
  2. Secure A Meaningful Job  – With many layoffs this year, jobs are becoming harder to secure. Even in the field of ministry, having a well-rounded degree can be the difference between securing the right leadership position or being passed over for someone with more credentialed experience. The skills, knowledge, and practical experience gained through a ministry degree will equip you with confidence and tangible evidence that you are the right person to be trusted to serve and influence others.
  3. Become A Distinguished  Leader –  A graduate degree in ministry takes you beyond just studying the Bible and theology. You will achieve the highest degree in ministry and be well-equipped, prepared, and fortified to lead at the highest level in your field. Gaining real-world, hands-on experience will teach you how to handle some of life’s most difficult moments with wisdom and biblical authority. It will shape you and grow you into a Godly leader – a skill set and role that will serve you no matter where you go or what you do in life. 
  4. Build a Life-Long Network – At PBAU, every Ministry Professor holds the highest degree in their field and some have published work used in curriculums around the country. That means you’ll be taught and guided by the best of the best. Our small class sizes mean your Professors will know your name, your dreams, goals, and pain points and they will walk beside you through college and beyond.  Our network of over 70 churches and nonprofits means you will make connections before graduation that could lead to the start of your career. Having wise mentors and ministry connections will serve as a foundation for whatever path God has for you. 

Now more than ever the world needs strong, well-trained, Christian leaders. Don’t wait to start your journey. The invaluable skills, credibility, experience, mentorship, and connections available at PBAU will not only make a meaningful difference in your life, but also the lives of the people you will reach and impact. 

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