Masters of Divinity Classes Examples

Masters of Divinity: You will finish your degree with a study of the early church, a deeper understanding of church planting and leadership with hands-on experience to help bring all of your education to life.

Here are some examples of M. Div classes you would take: 

Life and Faith of the Early Church: This course is a study of selected writings from the early church, giving special attention to early Christian perspectives on the Torah and Synoptic Gospels; to emerging understandings of Christian living, Christian community, and the relationship of Christians to the world; and to the communication of the Christian message by the early church. 

Church Planting & Mission: In this internship, students will integrate knowledge gained in the classroom with practical experience in their ministry context. Experiences will focus on church planting, local and global cross-cultural ministry, and engagement with justice issues. 

Forming a Worshipping & Discipling Community: Students will focus on the necessary knowledge and skills needed to assist a congregation in becoming a worshiping and discipling community. Special attention will be given to the history and theology of worship and discipleship as important informants to practices in a multi-cultural context. 

Acts of the Apostles: Students will examine the Acts of the Apostles, focusing on background issues, literary content, and theological application for the church, incorporating study in biblical Greek. Particular emphasis will be given to the theological development of the Holy Spirit’s role in the growth and reconciling ministry of the first-century Christian community. This course has a narrative focus.

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