Foundational Classes For Ministry Majors

We have published a series of blogs to help you understand the three layers of classes offered through the program: foundations, core, and Masters of Divinity.  

The first level of classes will be foundational. These biblical foundation classes will set you up for success, serving as the base for your entire ministry education. 

Interpreting the Bible: This course is designed to teach students to recognize and develop valid interpretations and applications from the various sections of the Bible. The course will emphasize the methods and practice of scriptural interpretation.

Foundations of Christian Ministry: This course examines the biblical and theological foundations for ministry, giving particular attention to the issues of calling, gifting, and character in the life of a minister. Additionally, students are introduced to the various fields of study within the School of Ministry and the skills necessary for success on the part of students majoring in the school. 

After your foundational classes, you will move onto your core ministry classes. These classes will continue your deepened understanding of the Bible, while also providing new resources for learning.  Continue reading our next blog to see what classes you would be taking in your ministry core classes. 

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