What can I do with a career in ministry?

You’ve felt called to a life of service and ministry – but within that world there are a million different directions you could go. How do you know what’s the right path for you? And will an MDiv help you get there? Below are some of the most common career paths where an MDiv would be extremely beneficial for jumpstarting your future. 

  1. Pastor  – Having an MDiv to pastor a church is nearly a universal requirement. Within that field though there are many different areas of expertise. There’s being the main pastor of a church, an associate pastor, worship pastor, counseling pastor or mission based/ church planting pastor. 
  2. Chaplain –  An MDiv is usually required to be a chaplain as well. Chaplains are able to provide spiritual guidance, religious services and counseling in secular institutions such as schools, hospitals, prisons, universities, private chapels or in the military. 
  3. Youth Minister – Feel passionate about connecting with the younger generation? There are countless opportunities to mentor, guide and pour into children and teens being a Youth Minister. An MDiv can open doors to working at Christian schools, camps, and other church programs.  
  4. Missionary – Going out into the world to serve the nations is a noble and worthy cause – but once someone’s heart is turned toward Jesus they will need discipleship, wisdom and insight into the gospel. An MDiv will prepare you with all the theological and biblical foundations you will need to help others have their deep questions answered. 
  5. Social Worker –  The Mdiv is a great foundation for leadership roles in any area of social good and social services. People suffering from grief, loss and family issues would deeply benefit from Chrsitian wisdom and guidance. Working in this field can lead you to have contact with victims of abuse and trauma and having a solid, factual, well- researched foundation regarding faith will be a map of guidance for yourself and others.

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