Top 5 Bible Study Spots Around PBA

Spending time one-on-one with God can provide much-needed inspiration and revitalization for the rewarding but demanding work that comes with ministry. But finding a good space for this crucial time can be tough. Thankfully, PBA’s campus and the city of West Palm Beach, Florida has plenty of great spots for Bible study, prayer, journaling and whatever defines your time spent with God. We’ve created a list of our favorite places to rest and recharge around PBA’s campus. These spots are perfect for studying your Bible (or studying for a midterm!)

The Beach

There’s no better place to meditate on scripture than out in the glory of God’s creation. PBA’s campus is less than a mile from the beach, and sitting in the warm sand listening to the waves is an awesome way to quiet your mind and refresh your soul.

These are just a few of our favorite study spots—West Palm is full of eclectic places that make for perfect study spaces. There’s always something new to explore, and you might find your new favorite place to rest and recharge is right around the corner.

The Q

The Q is an open field on campus with plenty of green grass and a huge, shady tree. The field is a perfect spot for spreading out a blanket and settling in for Bible study in the fresh air. The Q also has spots designed for hammocks—you can bring your own or check one out from the campus recreation center. Hammocking in the shade is a great way to read your Bible and relax.


Local Coffee Shops

In addition to the Einstein Brothers bagel on campus, West Palm Beach is home to plenty of unique coffee spots near PBA. Johan’s Joe Swedish Coffee house, Subculture Coffee Roasters, and alumni-owned Composition Coffee House are just a few of the cozy coffee places nearby that are perfect for settling and studying your Bible with a fresh Latté.


The Library Rotunda

When you need a study spot that’s ultra-quiet and ultra-comfy, the Rotunda of PBA’s Warren Library can’t be beat. The rotunda is a great place to settle in for study that requires lots of focus and minimal distractions.



Annan Chapel

Tucked away in one of the campus’s quieter buildings, the Annan chapel is an ideal place for prayer or Bible study. The home of many ministry events on campus, the chapel is perfect for focusing in on God in a distraction-free space.

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