For Youth Pastor's

Ministry School Blueprint By Palm Beach Atlantic University

Youth Pastors, thank you for your faithful obedience in encouraging the next generation of Christian leaders. 

We want to help you help your students!

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everything your high school student would need to know to take the first step into the calling of vocational ministry. 

Using the Ministry School Blueprint is simple.
1. First, identify which student(s) are considering ministry training.

2. Share the link here to your students so they can get access to the e-books, assessments and tools below.

3. Lastly, follow up with your students, meeting to join in discussion and prayer.
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Meet the Team

Meet Drew Melton, your program coordinator. Drew is here to help answer any questions you might have about the ministry program at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Although he’s just popping by to say hello in this introductory video, just remember, he’s only one email away. Drew is more than willing to help your student take the next step in their collegiate career.

Financial Aid Guide

It can take weeks to research and understand what financial aid options are available. This guide outlines all of your options.

Ministry School Tool

Everything you need to go through to help prep for when thinking about doing ministry school. 

Ministry School Assessment

What gifts and talents do you possess that is the right for your ministry career?

Inspirational quotes for ministry

Deeply inspiring quotes to frame your mindset, spiritual life, and mind around a life of ministry. 

What Can I Do With A Career In Ministry

You’ve felt called to a life of service and ministry – but within that world there are a million different directions you could go. Ministry can come in all different shapes and sizes.  

How To Choose The Right Ministry Degree

Committing to the right Ministry Degree Program is a big decision. Where you choose to study will influence your work, create important relationships and support your calling.


We hope you found these resources to be helpful information to pass along. Make sure to keep your login information, because we’ll update this page regularly. We hope to hear from you and your students soon. Thanks for honoring your call to pursue a lifelong career in ministry, training up future Christian leaders to take on this important calling.