How To Choose The Right Ministry Degree

Committing to the right Ministry Degree Program is a big decision. Where you choose to study will influence your work, create important relationships and support your calling.

1. What are you passionate about? There’s a lot of different areas of focus within ministry. Palm Beach Atlantic University offers more than (number)+ ministry degrees. Are you called to theological studies or more so music worship.

2. Are the professors reputable? The professors at your chosen school will be your guides on this spiritual and academic journey. It’s important to make sure they are well -regarded in the academic world. Some professors will even have been published and be known throughout the evangelical world – take a look at their work and see if it inspires you. Beyond academic acumen, are the professors personable and personally engaged with their students? Having staff who care about guiding and mentoring students will enrich your experience tenfold and lead to life-long connections.

3. What support and community connections do the offer? What would life be like on campus? Are you looking for a large university or a smaller more personal setting? Do you want to be in a city or in a more rural area? What activities and opportunities are provided by the school and its location? Making a list of what’s important to you outside of the academic program will help you find a school that will provide a rich and fulfilling community and environment after school hours as well.

4. How long will the program take? Make sure to research the course load and talk with a counselor about how many years and semesters it will take to reach your personal goals. Many programs require 7 years of school but there are some who offer an accelerated program with the same value, in only 5 years time. If you’re interested in learning more about an accelerated MDiv option, enter your information below and we’ll reach out!

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