Palm Beach Atlantic University offers four graduate ministry programs: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts Philosophy of Religion, Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, Master of Arts Christian Studies. 


The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) remains the “gold standard” degree for students preparing for vocational Christian ministry. The curriculum is anchored in the areas of Bible, biblical languages, history, theology, and practical ministry. It also includes apprenticeships, which provide students with hands-on experience in vital local ministries. Our streamlined M.Div. is 72 hours and can be completed in as few as two years.

The Master of Arts, Philosophy of Religion (MAPR) provides rigorous study of philosophy of religion in the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge for human flourishing. Fueled by the conviction that all truth finds its source in Christ, the MAPR is designed for students pursuing academic vocations or parachurch ministries. It is also for those who desire graduate studies in philosophy of religion but are not pursuing full-time vocational ministry. The MAPR is 36 hours and can be completed in two years.



The Master of Arts, Intercultural Studies (MAIS) is an emerging area of theological education in our globalized world. The MAIS is designed to prepare students for vocations in intercultural contexts. The curriculum provides advanced theological engagement with pressing missiological questions in light of Scripture and the rich heritage of Christian faith and practice. The MAIS is 36 hours and can be completed in two years. The first cohort will be in Fall 2021 (pending approval by SACSCOC).

The Master of Arts, Christian Studies (MACS) provides a graduate-level understanding of theological disciplines for laypersons who desire graduate theological studies but are not pursuing full-time vocational ministry. This degree is designed to provide students with both an advanced theological education and the opportunity to concentrate in subjects important to their theological interests. The MACS is 36 hours and can be completed in one and a half years.



In partnership with other schools within Palm Beach Atlantic University, we offer three joint/dual degrees. These degree programs require a total of fewer credit hours than required if each degree were earned separately. These three configurations give students the opportunity to engage in integrative interdisciplinary coursework that prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and character for a variety of vocations in Christian ministry.

Master of Divinity/Master of Business Administration (Joint Degree)

Students will develop both theological depth and management acumen for effective executive and administrative vocations in churches or parachurch organizations. The MDiv/MBA is 82 credit hours and can be completed in three years.

Master of Divinity + Master of Science, Mental Health Counseling (Dual Degrees)

Students will integrate theological learning with mental health theory and practices for effective ministry and counseling vocations in churches or parachurch settings. The MDiv+MHC is 110 credit hours and can be completed in four years.

Master of Arts, Christian Studies + Master of Science, Global Development (Dual Degrees)

Students will develop the theological, economic, and philosophical knowledge to implement strategies and policies for effective developmental practices in parachurch and global settings. The MACS+MSGD is 72 credit hours and can be completed in as few as two years.

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