Day in the Life of a PBA Student

Good morning, PBA Sailfish! Are you ready for a beautiful day in West Palm Beach? We have a busy Friday scheduled, so grab your things – books, bags, and bathing suits, because it’s time to start your day.

First stop, Loic! It’s time to grab a quick breakfast at your favorite french bakery. Grab a latte and a stuffed croissant before heading off to class. 

Your professor suggests having class outside! What do you think? It’s a cool October day in sunny South Florida, the air is crisp and the temperature is a delightful 75 degrees. You can feel the grass in between your fingertips, while you wiggle yourself in between scattered jackets, loose-leaf papers, and backpacks. You and your classmates dialogue, socratic-seminar style, bouncing ideas off of each other. 

From the corner of your eye, you notice a group of your friends heading into the library. After finishing class, you join them there, but it’s not all fun and games. You remember your midterm is next class! Time to study! Find yourself a private study room in the rotunda to knock out some last minute cramming. 

After acing your exam, it’s time to grab some lunch. Head back to your dorm to change into your best beach gear, but don’t forget your sailfish-dining to-go box. This way you can take a sandwich and some snacks to the beach. Hop on your bike, because you have a couple more hours of UV left. 

What a fun beach day! The sun is starting to go down and all your sandy friends have asked you to join them for a worship night on the Baxter green. After worshipping with your friends, you notice you’re starting to get hungry, but no worries! Howley’s (the favorite local PBA diner) is having a trivia night and a great deal on appetizers. You and your friends carpool to this local joint and enjoy a fun night of community, laughter, and most importantly great food. 

Along with an amazing education and professors who take the time to invest in your professional and academic future, there are so many fun nooks in West Palm for you to explore. From animal sanctuaries to amazing eateries to world-renown beaches, the adventure is truly endless in West Palm Beach. 

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