Bryan T. Froehle

Professor of Religious Studies and Sociology

Dr. Froelhe previously directed the Ph.D. program in practical theology at St. Thomas University. Earlier in his career, he founded the Siena Center at Dominican University in Illinois, dedicated to the intersection of faith and contemporary society, and led the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA), a national church research center, at Georgetown University. He is an elected member of the International Academy for Practical Theology, the theological discipline that engages the social sciences to better understand and respond to what God is doing in our day.

Dr. Froehle has served on the board of the American Society for Missiology, and from 2009-2016 had a close association with Asbury Theological Seminary, serving as director of research for a project that included original research and consultations in East Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. He began his scholarly career with a focus on congregational studies and comparative ecclesiologies in Venezuela.

Dr. Froehle has published monographs with Orbis and Oxford University Press, and has a book forthcoming from Brill. His over 50 scholarly articles and book chapters cover topics ranging from missiology to public theology and sociology of religion. His applied church research work includes several hundred strategic planning projects, and his public speaking addresses topics such as the future of church life, mission, and culture within the United States and overseas. Current research interests and publishing focus on practical theological method, contextual ecclesiology, and congregational studies

EDUCATION: B.S., Georgetown University; M.A., St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan.

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