More Than A Ministry Degree It's A Solid Foundation For Life

Serving in ministry is not a 9 to 5 career - It’s a way of life. You need a program with the right tools, support, network and guidance to not only achieve your ministry goals, but thrive in them for years to come. Our program doesn’t end at graduation, the connections and relationships will continue and provide a firm base for your future ministry’s success.

Foundation in
Biblical Truth

Foundation in
Biblical Truth





A Career in Ministry is a Fulfilling Life of Serving and Leading Others.

But there are challenges to getting there:

● Understanding what doors a ministry degree opens

● Choosing the right college for your career path

● Making those important connections and relationships

● Finding a support network that will follow you after graduation

Our virtual admissions counselor can help you create a plan of action to getting your ministry degree.

Private School Education. Public University Cost.

We believe in the transformative experience you will have at PBA, which is why we offer tens of millions of dollars each year in financial aid to help offset the cost of attending.

Our numerous aid offerings allow families the opportunity to afford PBA. From academic scholarships to state grants to student loans, we work with multiple sources of aid to provide comprehensive and competitive financial aid packages.

What Makes PBA’s Ministry Program Different?

Offers 6 different undergraduate tracks:
Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Christian Community Development, Intercultural Studies, Ministry Leadership, and Theological Studies.

Network of over 75 partner churches serving as internship and apprenticeship sites.

100% of PBA’s graduate faculty hold the highest degree and are published authorities in their field​

How do you know what’s the right ministry path for you? Answer a few questions and see which track may best fit you!

Our Majors will Equip You for Thriving in Your Calling

This major equips students to know and show the truth, goodness, and beauty of Christianity, which helps students answer objections raised against the reasonableness and desirability of Christianity.

The goal of this major is to demonstrate knowledge of essential themes and content of biblical writings, apply interpretive skills, communicate biblical truths, and cultivate character consistent with Christian faith.

This major prepares students to work in non-profits, development agencies, and churches seeking to serve and grow their communities. Students will engage the historical and biblical foundations of the reign of God and the church as inspirations and incubators of Christian community development and transformation. Students will examine concepts and principles of Christian community development and concepts and principles of justice.

This specialized program equips students to be successful in culturally diverse contexts, domestically and internationally, as they employ critical thinking and strong skills in culturally appropriate expressions in business, research, teaching, advocacy, ministry, and public service.

The major in Ministry (without a specified concentration) prepares students for the broadest range of ministries, providing students with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary for virtually any ministry within a church, parachurch, or non-profit organization.

The focus of this concentration provides students with the knowledge, skills, and character essential for fruitful ministry with children up to the beginning of middle school.

The major in Ministry with a concentration in Pastoral Ministries exists to assist students in acquiring/developing the knowledge, skills, and character necessary for ministry within a local church—though it also would apply to some parachurch organizations that have a similar focus.

The focus of this concentration provides students with the knowledge, skills, and character essential for fruitful ministry with adolescents in middle school, high school, and college.

This major emphasizes the depth and breadth of Christian theology historically and in the contemporary world. In learning how other Christians have responded to their own cultural issues, those with this major will be well prepared to continue in that tradition of theologically robust engagement with the world. This program is especially appropriate for those who want to serve the body of Christ in teaching and preaching roles.

Your Plan to Succeed in a Life of Ministry

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Why Palm Beach Atlantic University?


Our student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1 means faculty will mentor you.


Over 75 partner churches serving as internship and apprenticeship sites.


Unique areas of ministry preparation integrated together: Biblical study, theology, history and ministry.


PBA's average class size of 17 students provides a highly personalized experience.

"The respectful and professional discussions fostered critical thinking, humility, and the ability to recognize common ground with students from a variety of backgrounds. I left more equipped as a pastor and more aware of who I am in Christ. As I work with the pastors at my local church, I contribute more, serve more, and continue to grow."

- Ty McMillan, M.Div. '15

Professors of the School of Ministry at PBA

Dr. Hardin

Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

In addition to his role as assistant dean, Dr. Hardin continues to teach New Testament and Greek at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and enjoys his time interacting with students. He regularly presents papers at international conferences and has published at both the popular and scholarly levels. Before coming to PBA, Dr. Hardin taught at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University and was named “Most Innovative Teacher” in the humanities division by the Oxford University student union. 

Degrees: B.A. Ouachita Baptist University; M.Div. Beeson Divinity School of Samford University; M.Phil., Ph.D., Cambridge University.

Dr. Maxwell

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

With an extensive history in creating curriculum and teaching Hebrew and the Old Testament, Dr. Maxwell is passionate about the intersection of literary-critical method and hermeneutics, especially with regard to poetics. His dissertation focused on analyzing poetic voice in the book of Psalms. 

Degrees: B.A., Hardin-Simmons University; M.Div., Logsdon Seminary; Ph.D., Baylor University.

” In your Bible, history and language classes you’ll become versed, steeped in the tradition of Scripture. In your ministry and apprenticeship courses you’ll learn to have your finger on the pulse of the faithful in our world of [2020]. All along the way you’ll learn to be sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirit. The intensity and pressure of your seminary experience will shape you into a poet of the kingdom, a more finely perfected medium through which the Word of the Lord brings restoration to the people of God.”

Dr. Melton

Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

Author of Where is God in the Megilloth? A Dialogue on Divine Presence and Absence. She also has published several book chapters on various topics in biblical studies, ranging from discussions of literary critical methods of interpretation to examinations of divine presence and absence in various biblical books.

Degrees: B.A., Oklahoma Baptist University; M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Cambridge.

” I am passionate about cultivating a love for the Old Testament in students, so that as ministers they will utilize the riches of the breadth of scripture in their churches. ” 

The Accelerated Ministry Program

Our mission is to equip students just like you to fulfill their calling and make a difference for the kingdom of God. The Accelerated Ministry Program (AMP) offers you the opportunity to do exactly that, while earning your B.A. and M.Div. degrees in as little as five years. AMP is an innovative and rigorous seminary education that is gospel-centered and includes study of the Bible, biblical languages, history, theology and practical ministry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our online tuition rate for undergraduate degrees is $400 per credit hour. At a typical fulltime load of 12-18 credit hours per semester, this translates to $17,450 for a semester or $34,900 per year. Overload | $750 per credit hour over 18 credit hours.

Palm Beach Atlantic University works with each student directly to offer the most competitive scholarship package possible and offers plenty of scholarship opportunities! Request more information below to find out how much scholarship you may have.

We offer an extensive list of classes to prepare you for the type of ministry you are looking to enter! Here is just a sample of classes offered:

Interpreting the Bible: This course is designed to teach students to recognize and develop valid interpretations and applications from the various sections of the Bible. 

Church in Society: A study of the social issues facing the church and society today. This course explores the ways in which urbanization, pluralism, gender issues, multi-ethnic, and multi-racial themes help to influence the social teachings of the church in postmodern society.

Church Planting & Mission: In this internship, students will integrate knowledge gained in the classroom with practical experience in their ministry context. Experiences will focus on church planting, local and global cross-cultural ministry, and engagement with justice issues. 

See more of our classes here.

Students applying to PBA will need to have a high school diploma or be in high school when they apply, GED or international equivalent. Every student’s situation is unique. Students DO NOT need to take one of the ACT’s or SAT’s entrance exams, but having one is helpful. There are multiple factors between recommendations, GPA, and community involvement. It’s best to speak with us because there is always an opportunity for students to be accepted. 

Palm Beach Atlantic University is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our campus is one mile away from the beach. Our students love to soak up the sun on the weekends and study on the beach ! We also have online classes available. Request more info below and we would love to help you!

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